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Eternal Hope – Beta Demo

Eternal Hope is a beautiful Limbo-esque physics based puzzle platforming adventure where you can jump between the normal world and the shadow world as you search for your recently departed beloved’s soul.

The first thing you notice when loading up Eternal Hope are its similarities to Limbo – such as the silhouetted visuals, the character movement and the in-game physics. However, it’s not just a simple Limbo clone, the more you play the more you realise that Eternal Hope brings plenty of its own ideas to the table too – such as a heartfelt narrative and the ability to jump between the normal world and a shadowy mirror world.

The current demo build doesn’t feature any of the shadow world mechanics, but it does contain around 15 minutes of gameplay which sees you meeting and losing your true love. The narrative is told via beautifully drawn storyboards which really make you feel for the plight of your character. The puzzle platforming gameplay is fairly easy at the moment, but there are some great touches throughout – such as the way the layout of the world changes over time and then menacing glimpse you get of the shadow world at the end.

It’s a very impressive game with high quality visuals, an interesting game world and a beautifully told narrative. Certainly worth checking out if you like Playdead’s style of gameplay but are looking for a deeper narrative. Highly recommended.


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